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2022: A year of strong growth

Alessia Selvatici

As anticipated in the first article, one year ago Wave was established as S.r.l.s, which means a capital company able to guarantee a perfect asset autonomy.

One month after the establishment of the company, Wave has filed the first patent, consisting of a multifocal optical projection system capable of projecting any type of information at a distance not fixed, but dynamic. This allows to give an effective depth depending on the type of information.

How does it work?

Imagine you are inside your car and at some point a pedestrian appears in the middle of the road. Obviously, the closer you get to the person, the closer the distance between you and the pedestrian decreases.

The Wave system allows you to project the information at the right distance, so initially the distance will be greater and then decreases more and more.

In short, this system allows you to change the distance of the information being projected.

How did Wave implement the first patent?

Wave has released and completed three new prototypes, including a simulator. This particular prototype simulates the cab of a real car, with a dynamic projection ranging from 0 to infinity.

The acceleration programs

Since April 2022, Wave has started the acceleration program with Leonardo s.p.a., thanks to which Wave has grown a lot.

Moreover, during the journey, Wave has realized and completed a PoC (Proof of Concept), thanks to which it was possible to realize and install concretely a Custom made prototype of one of the Wave systems inside a helicopter cockpit (model AW 139).

Moreover, in December 2021, after a selection of more than 570 startups, Wave was chosen to start the acceleration program with Berkeley Skydeck, the most important accelerator of the University of California.

In fact, in recent years It has supported and brought into the market over 600 companies!

On October 20th, 2022, this important journey ended with the DemoDay in Milan, where we had the opportunity to present our idea to an audience of international investors.

Last news, but not least: the entry of Alessia Selvatici and Gianmaria Calisesi in Wave’s Team!

In particular, Alessia is a student at the end of the Master’s Degree in "Management and Business Communication" and within the team she plays the role of Communication Consultant, dealing with the writing of articles and the management of social media.

Gianmaria is a physical engineer who has just completed his PhD at the Politecnico di Milano. He plays the role of Optical Specialist, dealing precisely with the whole optical part within the Wave products.

Keep following us to know the paths of the other members of the Team!

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