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Giacomo Caroli

Co-Founder & COO

Alessio Morelli

Founder & CEO

Luca Battilana

Co-Founder & Corporate M&A

Gianmaria Calisesi

Lead Optical Engineer & CTO

Maurizio Liverani


Alessia Selvatici

Communication specialist

Inside the team

Gianmaria is an optical expert with a PhD in Physics from Politecnico di Milano and work experience in both the Netherlands and California. He is team leader of FloChip, awarded with S2P 2022. He is passionate about cutting-edge technology and spends his free time hiking and climbing.

Gianmaria Calisesi

Lead Optical Engineer & CTO
Maurizio has an Electrical Eng. background from both Stanford and the University of Surrey. He has held various leadership positions, such as CEO & founder of Algotek Inc., now Natus Medical Inc., listed on NASDAQ. He founded Algol SPA and worked as the Director of R&D at Amplaid SPA.

Maurizio Liverani

CFO & strategic Advisor

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