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Giacomo Caroli, Co-Founder and COO

Alessia Selvatici

Today we present the Co-Founder of Wave, Giacomo Caroli

Who is Giacomo

Giacomo is a 22-year-old computer engineering student. He likes spending his free time developing new ideas and innovative projects.

The educational path

Giacomo graduated with honors from the ITIS F. Alberghetti high school in Imola, curriculum of Electronic Expert.

Following his passion for computer science he enrolled in the Bachelor degree in "Computer Engineering", path concluded in October 2022 with a thesis project oriented to the development of a real-time software architecture for efficient low-level management of data production and consumption for varifocal devices, with specific attention to head up displays.

Giacomo then decided to continue his education in English with his Master’s degree in "Artificial Intelligence".

Previous experiences and awards

Before starting to work in Wave, Giacomo did two internships both in Italy and abroad. On these occasions he held the role of Web developer (at Tower Electrical Fire and Safety LTD) and had the opportunity to deepen the field of Computer Vision (at Specialvideo S.r.l.).

In addition, Giacomo won several scholarships and was registered at Italian’s National Register of Excellence.

His role in Wave

He joined Wave in 2019 as Co-founder and still takes care of the technical part, in particular the software part, alongside our Optical Specialist (Gianmaria Calisesi).

Thank you Giacomo!

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