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Who we are

Alessia Selvatici

We are Wave (formerly Morelli Tech) and we were born in 2019 as a startup based in Bologna and immediately incubated by Almacube, an incubator certified by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Why and how we started

After we got the driving license, we noticed that looking down to the car's dashboard we weren't able to see roads at all.

After various tests and prototypes, we defined a solution for the problem: an augmented reality system with the possibility of interacting with it, to be implemented on "next-generation vehicles", such as (holographic windshields), 3D prototyping systems and transparent touch screens.

In this way the driver can interact with his vehicle without taking his eyes off the road.

In January 2021 we went to Las Vegas to attend the CES (Consumer Technology Association), the most influential Tech Event in the world. On that occasion we had the opportunity to present our idea and meet new potential partners.

A year later we established ourselves as SRLS (Simplified Limited Liability Company) and filed our first patent.

From that moment, our true Growth Process began.

In April 2022, the collaboration with Leonardo s.p.a., world leader in the aerospace, defence and security sectors, began. The goal was to work on integrating our system with their products, especially helicopters.

The following month we started an acceleration program with Berkeley Skydeck, the most important accelerator of the University of California, Berkeley, known worldwide, which in recent years has supported and brought to market over 600 companies.

On October 20th, 2022, this important journey ended with the Demo Day in Milan, where we had the opportunity to present our idea to an audience of international investors.

This highly educational path has allowed us to reduce the gap with the world of venture capital, to obtain the necessary funding to grow.

Why we changed the name

We wanted to totally change the identity of the company, in order to move the meaning from a person (Alessio Morelli, the founder) to a concept (the as a physical phenomenon).

The name WAVE represents the essence of our company.

Wave - Morelli Tech S.r.l.s.
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